The Luminous Pack

£20.00 £15.00

A huge .psd design file for help with your designs or work. It contains everything you need so you’ll never need to use any other packs.




The Luminous Pack is a massive design pack curated with incredible assets. This pack has taken many months of blood, sweat and tears to put together and we believe it’s one of the best design packs currently on the market.

What is included?

Colour Corrections, Icons, Light Leaks, Fractals, Personal Textures, Abstract, Cool Stocks, Textures, Game Assets, Overlays, Colourful Textures, Smokes, Glowing Shapes, Patterns, Retro 80s, Plexus, Effects, Paper Edges, Scanlines, PNG’s, Flares, Cartoon Flames, Background, Grunge, Overlay Vectors, Shockwaves, Lights, Abstract Lights, Particles, Halftones, Paint, Splats, Scratched, Sci-fi, Backings, Glitch Stocks, Wood, Fire / Flames, Clouds & Cool Stuff.


Why is the pack so expensive?
Compared to other packs on the market, this pack has more than every pack and for the price, it’s worth investing your money into this ‘all you need’ pack. This is the only pack you will need and it’s currently being used by some of the best designers.

The pack looks good, can I see some testimonials?
Sure! Most of the people who use this pack have left testimonials on our website which you can view. You should check out their reviews and see for yourself.

Will I get updates for this pack if anything gets changed?
You will, most certainly. Every pack purchase is added to a mailing list so you can keep updated when a new update comes out. A message will also be sent to our Discord server, so you will be alerted once you need to check your emails.

What else comes with the pack?
The pack also comes with an outside of the pack with stuff like fonts, size templates and a Cinema4D Lightroom. Renders are being planned and currently being made for the next update for the pack.